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Which cocoa bean traits persist when eating chocolate? Real-time nosespace analysis by PTR-QiToF-MS
Acierno, V., Liu, N., Alewijn, M., Stieger, M. & van Ruth, S. M. 2019
Whisky analysis by electrospray ionization-Fourier transform mass spectrometry
Aliferis KA; Tarantilis PA; Harizanis PC; Alissandrakis EFood Chemistry 2010
White fish authentication by COiBar-RFLP: Toward a common strategy for the rapid identification of species in convenience seafood
Ferrito V; Bertolino V; Pappalardo AMFood Control 2016
Why Tyrosol Derivatives Have to Be Quantified in the Calculation of “Olive Oil Polyphenols” Content to Support the Health Claim Provisioned in the EC Reg. 432/2012
Wie wil er knollen voor citroenen?
van Ruth SMWaar and Wet 2015
Wild salmon authentication can be predicted by 1H NMR spectroscopy
Capuano E; Lommen A; Heenan S; de la Dura A; Rozijn M; van Ruth SMLipid Technology 2013
Wild salmon authenticity can be predicted by 1H-NMR spectroscopy
Villagra E; Santos LS; Vaz BG; Eberlin MN; Laurie VFFood Chemistry 2012
Wine traceability and authenticity - A literature review
Palade M; Popa MEScientific Bulletin. Series F. Biotechnologies 2014
Winter/spring changes in fatty acid composition of farmhouse idiazabal cheese due to different flock management systems
Abilleira E; Collomb M; Schlichtherle-Cerny H; Virto M; de Renobales M; Barron LJJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2009
Yersinia enterocolitica - mode of transmission, molecular insights of virulence and pathogenesis of infection
Sabina Y; Rahman MdA; Ray RC; Montet DJournal of Pathogens 2012
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