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A guide to food authenticity issues and analytical solutions: Vegetable Oils
Aparicio R; García González DL; Aparicio-Ruiz RFoodIntegrity Handbook 2018
A guide to food authenticity issues and analytical solutions: Vinegar
Callejón RM; Ríos-Reina R; Morales ML; Troncoso AM; Thomas F; Camin FFoodIntegrity Handbook 2018
A guide to food authenticity issues and analytical solutions: Wine & must
Camin F; Bontempo L; Larcher R; Grando MS; Moreno Sanz P; Fauhl-Hassek C; Hajslova J; Hurkova K; Uttl L; Thomas FFoodIntegrity Handbook 2018
A neuroimaging study of pleasant and unpleasant olfactory perceptions of virgin olive oil
Vivancos J; Tena N; Morales MT; Aparicio R; Garcia-Gonzalez DLGrasas y Aceites 2016
A new methodology based on GC-MS To detect honey adulteration with commercial syrups
Ruiz-Matute AI; Soria AC; Martinez-Castro I; Sanz MLJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2007
A next generation semiconductor based sequencing approach for the identification of meat species in DNA mixtures
Bertolini F; Ghionda MC; Dalessandro E; Geraci C; Chiofalo V; Fontanesi LPloS one 2015
A novel approach based on untargeted lipidomics reveals differences in the lipid pattern among durum and common wheat
Righetti L; Rubert J; Galaverna G; Hurkova K; Dall'Asta C; Hajslova J; Stranska-Zachariasova MFood Chemistry 2018
A novel approach to assess the quality and authenticity of Scotch Whisky based on gas chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry
Stupak M; Goodall I; Tomaniova M; Pulkrabova J; Hajslova JAnalytica Chimica Acta 2018
A novel approach to authenticity control of whole grain durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf) flour and pasta based on analysis of alkylresorcinol composition
Knodler M; Most M; Schieber A; Carle RFood Chemistry 2010
A novel chemometric strategy for the estimation of extra virgin olive oil adulteration with edible oils
Maggio RM; Cerretani L; Chiavaro E; Kaufman TS; Bendini A 2010
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