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Kok E; van der Spiegel M; Prins T; Manti V; Groot M; Bremer M; van Raamsdonk L; van der Fels I; van Ruth SMChemical Analysis of Food: Techniques and Applications 2012
Traceability of honey origin based on volatiles pattern processing by artificial neural networks
Cajka T; Hajslova J; Pudil F; Riddellova KJournal of Chromatography A 2009
Traceability of olive oil based on volatiles pattern and multivariate analysis
Cajka T; Riddellova K; Klimankova E; Cerna M; Pudil F; Hajslova JFood Chemistry 2010
Traceability of PDO olive oil terra di Bari using high resolution melting
Montemurro C; Miazzi MM; Pasqualone A; Fanelli V; Sabetta W; Di Rienzo VJournal of Chemistry 2015
Trappist beer identification by vibrational spectroscopy: A chemometric challenge posed at the Chimiometrie 2010 congress
Fernandez Pierna JA; Duponchel L; Ruckebusch C; Bertrand D; Baeten V; Dardenne PChemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 2012
Triglyceride and melting profiles of milk fat from different species
Smiddy MA; Huppertz T; van Ruth SMInternational Dairy Journal 2012
Two alternative multiplex PCRs for the identification of the seven species of anglerfish (Lophius spp.) using an end-point or a melting curve analysis real-time protocol
Castigliego L; Armani A; Tinacci L; Gianfaldoni D; Guidi AFood Chemistry 2015
Typicality and geographical origin markers of protected origin cheese from the Netherlands revealed by PTR-MS
Galle SA; Koot A; Soukoulis C; Cappellin L; Biasioli F; Alewijn M; van Ruth SMJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2011
Universal biological bar-code for the determination of geographical origin of foodstuffs
Montet D; El Sheikha AFMansoura Journal of Biology 2011
Unmasking of olive oil adulteration via a multi-sensor platform
Santonico M; Grasso S; Genova F; Zompanti A; Parente FR; Pennazza GSensors (Basel) 2015
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