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Verification of egg farming systems from the Netherlands and New Zealand using stable isotopes
Rogers KM; van Ruth SM; Alewijn M; Somerton K; Philips A; Rogers PJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2015
Verification of fresh grass feeding pasture grazing and organic farming by cows farm milk fatty acid profile
Capuano E; van der Veer G; Boerrigter-Eenling R; Elgersma A; Rademaker J; Sterian A; van Ruth SMFood Chemistry 2014
Verification of fresh grass feeding, pasture grazing and organic farming by FTiR spectroscopy analysis of bovine milk
Capuano E; Rademaker J; van den Bijgaart H; van Ruth SMFood Chemistry 2014
Verification of organic feed identity by fatty acid fingerprinting
Tres A; van Ruth SMJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2011
Verification of the identity of organic feeds for laying hens by fatty acid fingerprinting
Tres A; Rozijn M; van der Kamp H; Alewijn M; van Ruth SMFeed for Health 2010 2010
Vingerafdruk boeren-leidse
Galle S; van Ruth SMDe Zelfkazer 2011
Vingerprints bewijzen echtheid duurzame cosmetica
Van Ruth SMNieuwsbrief Nederlandse Cosmeticavereniging 2012
Virgin olive oil - Chemical implications on quality and health
Garcia-Gonzalez DL; Aparicio-Ruiz R; Aparicio REuropean Journal of Lipid Science and Technology 2008
Virgin olive oil aroma: Relationship between volatile compounds and sensory attributes by chemometrics
Morales MT; Alonso MV; Rios JJ; Aparicio RJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 1995
Virgin olive oil quality classification combining neural network and MOS sensors
Garcia-Gonzalez DL; Aparicio RJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2003
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