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Use of polar and nonpolar fractions as additional information sources for studying thermoxidized virgin olive oils by FTiR
Tena N; Aparicio-Ruiz R; Garcia-Gonzalez DLGrasas y Aceites 2014
Use of the canonical discriminant analysis to select SNP markers for bovine breed assignment and traceability purposes
Dimauro C; Cellesi M; Steri R;Gaspa G; Sorbolini S; Stella A; Macciotta NPAnimal Genetics 2013
Use of triacylglycerol profiles established by high performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet-visible detection to predict the botanical origin of vegetable oils
Lerma-García MJ; Lusardi R; Chiavaro E; Cerretani L; Bendini A; Ramis-Ramos G; Simó-Alfonso EF 2011
Using 1H and13C NMR techniques and artificial neural networks to detect the adulteration of olive oil with hazelnut oil
Garcia-Gonzalez DL; Mannina L; D'Imperio M; Segre AL; Aparicio REuropean Food Research and Technology 2004
Utilization of a rapid technique based on front-face fluroescence spectroscopy for differentiating between fresh and frozen-thawed fish fillets
Karoui R; Thomas E; Dufour EFood Research International 2006
Validation of a method based on triglycerides for the detection of low percentages of hazelnut oil in olive oil by column liquid chromatography
Aparicio R; Garcia-Gonzalez DL; Viera-Macias M; Aparicio-Ruiz R; Morales MTJournal of AOAC International 2007
Validation of a near infrared microscopy method for the detection of animal products in feedingstuffs: Results of a collaborative study
Boix A; Fernandez Pierna JA; Von Holst C; Baeten VFood Additives and Contaminants: Part A 2012
Validation of multivariate classification methods using analytical fingerprints - concept and case study on organic feed for laying hens
Alewijn M; van der Voet H; van Ruth SMJournal of Food Composition and Analysis 2016
Validation of SPME-GCMS method for the analysis of virgin olive oil volatiles responsible for sensory defects
Romero I; Garcia-Gonzalez DL; Aparicio-Ruiz R; Morales MTTalanta 2015
Vegetable oils
Tres A; van der Veer G; van Ruth SMFood protected designation of origin: Methodologies and applications 2013
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