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Sensory wheels: A statistical technique for comparing QDA panels application to virgin olive oil
Aparicio R; Morales MTJournal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 1995
Serial non-participation and ecosystem services providers preferences towards incentive-based schemes
Villanueva AJ; Glenk K; Rodriguez-Entrena M90th Annual Conference of the Agricultural Economics Society, University of Warwick (England) 2016
Snelle methode om non-destructief dichtheid van hout te bepalen
Klaassen R; van Ruth SMTimmerfabrikant 2012
Soft-deodorization of virgin olive oil: Study of the changes of quality and chemical composition
Aparicio-Ruiz R; Romero I; Garcia-Gonzalez DL; Oliver-Pozo C; Aparicio RFood Chemistry 2017
Some aspects influencing the quantification of gene flow in maize fields: flowering heterogeneities and simplified field sampling methods
Messeguer J; Palaudelmas M; Serra J; Salvia J; Nadal A; Pla M; Mele EGMCC-9, Melbourne (Australia) 2009
Special issue: Authenticity typicality traceability and intrinsic quality of food products
Granato D; Cozzolino D; van Ruth SMFood Research International 2014
Species identification in fish fillet products using DNA barcoding
Di Pinto A; Marchetti P; Mottola A; Bozzo G; Bonerba E; Ceci E; Bottar; M; Tantillo GFisheries Research 2015
Species identification of bivalve molluscs by Pyrosequencing
Abbadi M; Marciano S; Tosi F; De Battisti C; Panzarin V; Arcangeli G; Cattoli GJournal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 2016
Spectroscopic technique: mid infrared (MIR) and Fourier Transform mid-infrared (FT-MIR) spectroscopies.
Karoui RElsevier 2018
Spectroscopic techniques: Fluorescence and ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopy
Karoui RElsevier 2018
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