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A novel method to detect meat adulteration by recombinase polymerase amplification and SYBR green I
Cao Y.; Zheng K.; Jiang J.; Wu J.; Shi F.; Song X.; Jiang Y.Food Chemistry 2018
A novel reliable method of DNA extraction from olive oil suitable for molecular traceability
Raieta K; Muccillo L; Colantuoni VFood Chemistry 2015
A novel wire mesh cell for studying lipid oxidative processes by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Garcia-Gonzalez DL; Van De Voort FRApplied Spectroscopy 2009
A practical study on the feasibility of alpha and gamma-tocopherol quantification for distinguishing iberian pig feeding systems
Rey AI; Amazan D; Garcia-Casco JGrasas y Aceites 2013
A reliable assay for the detection of soft wheat adulteration in italian pasta is based on the use of new DNA molecular markers capable of discriminating between Triticum aestivum and Triticum durum
Casazza AP; Morcia C; Ponzoni E; Gavazzi F; Benedettelli S; Breviario DJournal of Cereal Science 2012
A review of the analytical methods coupled with chemometric tools for the determination of the geographical origin of dairy products
Karoui R; De Baerdemaeker JFood Chemistry 2007
A simple and effective mass spectrometric approach to identify the adulteration of the mediterranean diet component extra-virgin olive oil with corn oil
Di Girolamo F; Masotti A; Lante I; Scapaticci M; Calvano CD; Zambonin C; Muraca M; Putignani LInternational journal of Molecular Sciences 2015
A sound approach: Exploring a rapid and non-destructive ultrasonic pulse echo system for vegetable oils characterization
Yan, J., Wright, W.M.D., O'Mahony, J.A., (...), Cuijpers, E., van Ruth, S.M. 2019
A tentative characterization of white dry-cured hams from Teruel (Spain) by SPME-GC
Luna G; Aparicio R; Garcia-Gonzalez DLFood Chemistry 2006
Addressing current weaknesses in our food supply networks
Elliott C 2014
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