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Short name : AutDier
Full name : Authenticity of animal products
Coordinator : De Block J (ILVO)
Funding bodies Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research
Type : Research activities
start and end: 2000 - 2021
Link : http://pure.ilvo.vlaanderen.be/portal/en/projects/authenticiteit-van-dierlijke-producten(72373411-6e48-4e17-8a0b-60b04a5c285a).html
Country : Belgique
Commodity : AP Animal Products-All
Summary : Every possible infringement on the authenticity of a product has to be investigated with a specific method. For that reason we have a wide range of chemical, enzymatic, biochemical, immunological, molecular and gene technological methods at our disposal. Offenders are very inventive when tampering with authenticity, thus our methods have to be continually actualized and fine-tuned. ILVO develops new methods in collaboration with other institutes.