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Short name : BACCUS
Full name : Combating food crime by strengthening law enforcement cooperation
Coordinator : Trombetta M
Funding bodies European Union
Type : Network
start and end: 2011 - 2014
Link : http://baccus.unicampus.it/
Country : Europe
Commodity : All Food
Summary : BACCUS- comBAting food Crime by strengthening law enforcement Cooperation is a 36 months project co-funded by the European Commission - Directorate General Home Affairs (EC-DGHA) in the framework of the Prevention and Fight against Crime Programme, sector Operational law enforcement cooperation including Joint Investigation Teams - JITs. The aim of BACCUS is to tackle food crime and improve consumer security. It will help EU Food Safety authorities and law-enforcement bodies to tackle organised crime in this sector by moving from a purely inspective to a more investigative approach, following the example of the NAS. BACCUS is structured to promote and develop coordination, cooperation and mutual understanding among law enforcement agencies in EU-regions and other national authorities to safeguard citizens by developing shared training courses for authorities and common guidelines for food consumers, which will be disseminated by Consumers Associations and Farmer Unions. BACCUS will disseminate at EU level best practices (procedures, instruments and activities) in prevention, investigation, and combat of food crime. To this end, BACCUS will perform an overview of the different experiences in Europe and develop online and face-to-face training courses. After being piloted through the online platform and in three EU countries (Portugal, the Netherlands and Ireland) the courses will be made available in their revised form to the main actors in Europe involved in the food safety sector.