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Short name : MercaOli (RTA2013-00032-00-00)
Full name : Analysing consumer behaviour in Spanish olive oil markets: potential impacts from a label reform
Coordinator : Rodriguez Entrena M
Funding bodies National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology
Type : R & D & I projects
start and end: 2014 - 2018
Link : https://www.juntadeandalucia.es/agriculturaypesca/ifapa/web/ifapa/proyectosconvenios/proyectoconvenio/139-INI-6
Country : Spain
Commodity : FO-Olive oil
Summary : The project has three main aims: a) To identify consumers' preferences regarding olive oil (in two Spanish regions, one of which is involved in olive oil production while the other is not), determining the preference structure based on the most relevant parameters of the olive oil. We attempt to estimate the potential consumption for each category of olive oil and those factors which influence the willingness to consume them. The impact of label hanges will also be checked and the willingness to pay by each attribute of the olive oil will be calculated; b) To identify consumers perceptions about olive oil brand equity. We attempt to estimate consumers perceptions regarding brand equity, along with identifying if these perceptions are linked to a quality image for each olive oil typology and whether this has some influence on purchase intentions. We would like to analyse whether the brand equity impacts differently depending on the olive oil qualities or if the link between brand and quality could complicate the identification of the olive oil categories; c) To design business strategies to improve the olive sectors sustainability by means of increasing the commercialisation in domestic markets of products with high added value. These strategies would aim to increase those factors which are the most relevant in the determining consumers? behaviour, stressing at an institutional level the role played by the label.