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Short name : RTA2012-00118-C03-02
Full name : Caracterizacion y determinacion de aromas por SPME-FastGC en mostos de manzanas de sidra y su clasificacion tecnologica mediante estudios quimiometricos
Coordinator : Arias Abrodo P (UNIOVI)
Funding bodies National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology
Type : R & D & I projects
start and end: 2013 - 2016
Link :
Country : Spain
Commodity : AB-Cider, Perry
Summary : Selection of new cultivars with fruit of high-quality, especially bitter and bitter-sweet type. Analysis of the biochemical and volatile composition of new hybrids and local varieties preselected varieties. Improvement of resistance and regular bearing. Evaluation of resistance to rosy apple aphid, fire blight and scab.Genetic analysis of traits related to the phenolic composition of fruit, resistance to fire blight and rosy apple aphid, for the identification of QTLs and others markers to be used in the selection in the breeding program. Application in the selection of an offspring of new molecular markers obtained. Verification of its effectiveness for the selection of genotypes of interest.