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Short name : RTA2012-00084-C03-03
Full name : Analysis of economic sustainability and market opportunities of alternative production systems for calves from the Tudanca breed
Coordinator : Olaizola Tolosana A
Funding bodies National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology
Type : R & D & I projects
start and end: 2013 - 2017
Link :
Country : Spain
Commodity : AP-Meat and edible offal
Summary : This project is structured in 3 subprojects whose objectives are to study: Subproject 01: - the effects of concentrate level reduction in finishing diet and concentrate supplementation before weaning on technical performance and carcass and meat quality of tudanca calves slaughtered at 10 months of age. - the feasibility of using carotenoids, 2,3-octanedione and skatole concentration in fatty tissues to discriminate among animals fed on diets differing in concentrate level. Subproject 02: - the effect of chilling treatment applied to calf carcasses of Ternera de Aliste and Carne de Cervera Quality Labels (180 to 220 kg carcass weight) and of tudanca calves (150 kg carcass weight) on hygienic, physicochemical and sensory meat quality Subproject 03: implications of finishing strategies for calves from the Tudanca breed implemented in subproject 01 on the production costs supported by farmers. -designing and implementing a Choice Experiment to study the factors determining consumers willingness to pay a premium for such a differentiated regional product. -undertaking a Delphi analysis on a representative group of producers to identify the factors ?other than direct production costs and market prices- that could influence decision making by producers on the structure and production systems of their farms.