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Short name : RTA2012-00063-C02-01
Full name : A new generation of portable NIRS instruments for on site analysis of milk in dairy farm
Coordinator : de la Roza Delgado B (SERIDA)
Funding bodies National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology
Type : R & D & I projects
start and end: 2013 - 2016
Link :
Country : Spain
Commodity : AP-Milk and milk products
Summary : General Objective Setup and assessment of MEMS-NIRS instruments for chemical characterization and commercial classification of animal protein by-products from rendering plants (UCO) and for physico-chemical analysis of milk produced for individual dairy cows subjected to feeding programs (SERIDA). More relevant specific objectives - Establishment of relevant specifications for the collection of high quality spectra of solid products (meals animal protein byproducts) and liquids (non homogenized milk), including the evaluation of sampling - Building of large spectral libraries of animal meals (stored in sacks and piles) and milk from individual cows. - Optimization of spectral libraries and NIRS chemometric models for chemical characterization and labeling (voluntary and mandatory) of animal protein by-products before marketing. - Optimization of spectral libraries and NIRS chemometric models for the physic-chemical analysis of milk from individual cows as input data for feeding management programs. - Evaluation of different chemometric strategies for data base transfer from at-line to MEMS-NIRS and between MEMS-NIRS instruments. - Establishment of a methodology for the transmission and integration of MEMS-NIRS data generated on-site together with information management systems in the field, farm and at industry level