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Short name : RTA2011-00013-C02-02
Full name : Application of a laser sensor to control the coagulation and syneresis processes suited in the general traceability system for radio tags (RFID)
Coordinator : Lopez Morales MB
Funding bodies National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology
Type : R & D & I projects
start and end: 2011 - 2014
Link :
Country : Spain
Commodity : AP-Milk and milk products
Summary : The overall purpose of this research project raises the comprehensive traceability process by the use of radio tags (RFID) and the automation of both processes coagulation and syneresis in cheese production using an online laser sensor. This general purpose is divided into the following aims: Definition of traceability system by processing the information generated during cheesemaking and the corresponding development of software applications and communication protocols. Selection of RFID tags suited to the cheese manufacturing process conditions. Data acquisition of physical and chemical composition of raw materials and cheese during ripening. Development of an online sensor based on a laser device. Monitoring coagulation and syneresis by the online laser sensor after choosing the configuration parameters which best fit to the cheesemaking processes. Development of prediction algorithms linked to the processes of coagulation and syneresis. Determination of cutting time and moisture content in cheese by the development of prediction algorithms. Dissemination of the obtained results to the scientific community and cheesemaking industries for improving their production processes and traceability.