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Traceability cocoa and wood
Research activities 2016 / 2016
Traceability of production systems by eman of different biomarkers and the profile of aromatic compounds and implication in human health
INIAR & D & I projects 2013 / 2017
Traceability system for ham of Teruel DO
INIAR & D & I projects 2007 / 2010
Transfer of knowledge and training for European traditional food producers related to innovative quality control methodologies
EUEU-project 2011 / 2013
Typification and homogenization of the cheese of the PGI Teruel
INIAR & D & I projects 2007 / 2011
Upgrading of traditional goats cheeses linked to an autochthonous breed. Traceability of the origin of the milk from molecular markers and description of new sensory quality parameters that can be identified by consumers
INIAR & D & I projects 2015 / 2018
Use of new technologies in the research on consumers perception and acceptability of fresh meat
INIAR & D & I projects 2013 / 2017
Use of the Chemical Sensor technique for the determination of the feed system received by the Iberian pigs in the final stage of bait: montanera, recebo, field bait, intensive bait
INIAR & D & I projects 2008 / 2011
Using the massive genomic information to improve the quality of Iberian pork products in an ad mixed reference population and study its interaction with food
INIAR & D & I projects 2013 / 2016
Zootechnical and genetics characterization and quality of the carcass and meat of the bovine population Serrana de Teruel
INIAR & D & I projects 2007 / 2011
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