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Analysis of economic sustainability and market opportunities of alternative production systems for calves from the Tudanca breed
INIAR & D & I projects 2013 / 2017
Analytical Tools for the Experimental Investigation of Food
BMELR & D & I projects 2016 / 2020
Animal feed certification instrument and procedure to guarantee the quality of meat and dairy products through automatic, simple and rapid DNA barcode method based on tubulin-based polymorphism
EUResearch activities 2012 / 2015
Application of a laser sensor to control the coagulation and syneresis processes suited in the general traceability system for radio tags (RFID)
INIAR & D & I projects 2011 / 2014
Application of advanced technologies to research and development to fight against food frauds
Research activities 2015 / 2018
Application of emergent spectroscopic techniques to the quality control and traceability of fruits and fruits based products
WBIResearch activities 2014 / 2015
Application of spectroscopic techniques (UV-visible, FT-NIR, FT-IR) to verify the origin of extra-virgin olive oil and to evaluate the attitude to frying of virgin sunflower oil
AGERResearch activities 2011 / 2013
Application of the neofitadiene analysis in subcutaneous fat for the correct classification of Iberian pork as a function of diet
INIAR & D & I projects 2008 / 2011
Approach to analyze metabolic profile and biological activity of edible plants from the Bulgarian flora
BNSFResearch activities 2016 / 2019
Arim-Net Caravan
CIRADResearch activities 2017 / 2020
Food Display
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