Food Authenticity Research Network Hub

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Food Fraud Database
USPIncident database 1980 / 2021
Food fraud vulnerability assessment tool
SSafe + PwCDecision tool 2016 / 2021
Food Pillory
Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection AuthorityIncident database 2016 / 2021
Food Safety Information Centre
Czech Food Safety AuthorityInformation website 2016 / 2021
Food service against fraud
Romanian Police General InspectorateInformation website 2016 / 2021
Food-related Emerging Risks
EFSAInformation website 2016 / 2021
FSADocuments repository 2013 / 2021
Frodi alimentari
Frodi alimentariIncident database 2016 / 2021
Genetics for Identification of Fish Origin
Scientific database 2016 / 2021
Global food safety information
HorizonscanIncident database 2016 / 2021
Food Display
Search filters
How to filter your search results on online databases?

You can filter and customize your search results to find exactly what you want.
For online databases, you can use one filter or combine several filters.
Search filters allow you to find online databases that share one or more pieces of information, that means:

  • Online databases records containing the mentioned keyword (whole word with at least 4 characters).
  • Online databases including information from one country (i.e. France) or from several countries inside one continent (i.e. Europe) or from different continents (i.e. World). By this way you are able to filter Online databases with national, continental or worldwide content,
  • Online databases dedicated to one specific commodity (i.e. Fish and fish products) or a category of commodities (i.e. All seafood) or food in general (All food products),
  • Online databases in Open access or not,
  • Online databases from one specific type.

This tool allows you to find for example:

  • All the incident databases on food in Europe in Open access,
  • All the expert databases on food in Europe and the world.