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Title : Shift to plain food packaging in India sees growth in fakes
Author(s) :
Source : SecuringIndustry.com
Year : 2017
Link : https://www.securingindustry.com/food-and-beverage/shift-to-plain-food-packaging-in-india-sees-growth-in-fakes/s104/a6437/
Country : India
Commodity: All Food
Abstract: Fake food in India has become “rampant” after businesses have taken measures to avoid paying a 5 per cent Goods and Services Tax (GST) on branded foods. In a bid to avoid the tax, many manufacturers have chosen to apply for deregistration of their trademarks or have opted for plain packaging absent of brand names, logos and marketing claims. The shift to unregistered trademarks and plain packaging has been a coup for counterfeiters with fakes flooding the market at cheaper prices, according to The Times of India.