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Title : Oceana Canada documents seafood fraud in Ottawa
Author(s) :
Source : FoodQualityNews.com
Year : 2017
Link : https://www.foodqualitynews.com/Article/2017/11/30/Oceana-Canada-documents-seafood-fraud-in-Ottawa
Country : Canada
Commodity: SE-Fish and fish products
Abstract: The advocacy group said there were issues with 45 out of 98 samples analysed. One-third (33) were considered species substitution as the name on the menu or label did not match the type of fish sold (such as tilapia labelled as red snapper).Samples were analyzed by TRU-ID, a commercial lab in Guelph, using DNA barcoding. Scale of fraud​Seafood fraud and mislabelling were found in 14 of the 19 different types of fish targeted. Samples were collected in July this year​​ from Ottawa grocery stores, restaurants and sushi vendors. The investigation focused on fish suspected to have high levels of mislabelling including cod, halibut, snapper, tuna, salmon and sole.