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Title : 1.3k tonnes of rotten food discovered in UAE’s latest food fraud case
Author(s) :
Source : FoodNavigator-Asia.com
Year : 2017
Link : http://www.foodnavigator-asia.com/Policy/1.3k-tonnes-of-rotten-food-discovered-in-UAE-s-latest-food-fraud-case
Country : United Arab Emirates
Commodity: All Food
Abstract: Health inspectors uncovered more than 1,300 tonnes of rotten fruit, vegetables, meat and being sold at unlicensed markets to poor residents in Dubai in the first half of this year. Much of the produce had been stored under lorries and was exposed to dust and pollution, said Salim Ali bin Zayed, acting head of the market section at Dubai Municipality.“Selling food items unsuitable for human consumption was not the only problem, but also they were cooking food and selling it to labourers,” he added. The food was part of nearly 16,500 tonnes of goods seized from illegal markets as part of an official crackdown this year. Much of it had been picked up from dumpsters. The UAE has been witnessing a recent increase in instances of food fraud.