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Title : TN Dairy Minister Alleges Milk Adulteration by Private Firms
Author(s) :
Source : TheCattleSite
Year : 2017
Link : http://www.thecattlesite.com/news/51667/tn-dairy-minister-alleges-milk-adulteration-by-private-firms
Country : India
Commodity: AP-Milk and milk products
Abstract: Tamil Nadu Milk and Dairy Products Developments Minister Rajendra Balaji once again stirred a controversy by alleging that the products of private milk producers are adulterated. In a press briefing, Mr Balaji held two packets of milk products - one by Nestle and the other, a product of Reliance - and affirmed that he had laboratory results which shows they are contaminated, according to IndiaToday. The dairy minister alleged there are contents of caustic soda and bleaching powder in the milk products. Mr Balaji was not worried about the health secretary's earlier report to the court claiming that no such adulterants were discovered. He stated that he has with him laboratory results, which prove his claim.