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Title : 'Crisis of confidence' in food supply chain as two imprisoned over horse meat
Author(s) :
Source : FarmingUK
Year : 2017
Link : https://www.farminguk.com/news/-Crisis-of-confidence-in-food-supply-chain-as-two-imprisoned-over-horse-meat_47098.html
Country : Africa
Commodity: AP-Meat and edible offal
Abstract: Two men have been sent to prison for defrauding consumers by labelling horse meat as beef. The Food Standards Authority said the sentence 'sends out a clear signal' that food crime will not be tolerated. Andronicos Sideras, owner of Dinos and Sons Ltd, and Ulrich Nielsen of Flexi Foods were sentenced to four years and six months and three years and six months imprisonment respectively at Inner London Crown Court yesterday. A third man, Alex Ostler-Beech, also of Flexi Foods was given an eighteen month suspended sentence. On a number of occasions Mr Sideras, Mr Nielsen and Mr Ostler-Beech had conspired to mix consignments of beef with horsemeat, falsely labelling it as beef and thereby inflating their profits as a result.