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Title : NSF at the forefront of the fight against food fraud
Author(s) :
Source : New Food
Year : 2015
Link : https://www.newfoodmagazine.com/news/19913/nsf-at-the-forefront-of-the-fight-against-food-fraud/
Country : United Kingdom
Commodity: All Food
Abstract: While most of us like to believe that information provided on food labels can be taken at face value, Jude Mason, NSF International’s director of retail, consulting and technical services for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, says that cases of intentional product misrepresentation are on the rise. According to the Elliott Review released in September 2014, food fraud moves into the realm of crime when it no longer involves a few random acts by ‘rogues’, but becomes an activity organised by groups who knowingly set out to deceive. Mason explains that food fraud can be divided into roughly four different categories: mislabelling e.g. saying grain-fed eggs are free range; substitution e.g. where peanuts are used instead of cumin or non-virgin olive oil instead of virgin olive oil; adulteration e.g. sand in sugar or anti-freeze in white wine; and finally counterfeiting e.g. where recognised alcohol brand bottles are filled with cheap (and potentially dangerous) concoctions.