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Title : FDA investigation reveals milk adulteration originating at dairies in Maharashtra
Author(s) :
Source : Mumbai Live
Year : 2018
Link : https://www.mumbailive.com/en/civic/fda-take-action-against-milk-adulteration-in-satara-dairy-29405
Country : India
Commodity: AP-Milk and milk products
Abstract: Milk is an essential commodity consumed by people on a daily basis. However, people in the city usually are unaware of the freshness and the milk's quality as they consume it via sealed packets supplied by various brands. In a raid last month, Food & Drug Administration (FDA) caught a woman in Santacruz while adulterating milk. After which, FDA confiscated more than 1,075 litres of adulterated milk along with 6,900 empty milk packets ranging from various popular brands. Recently, an investigation by FDA revealed that the milk dairies throughout Maharashtra are also involved in the milk adulteration.