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Title : Food fraud: Could you be eating fake honey?
Author(s) :
Source : CapeTalk
Year : 2018
Link : http://www.capetalk.co.za/articles/312916/food-fraud-could-you-be-eating-fake-honey
Country : China
Commodity: All Food
Abstract: Honey is celebrated for its health benefits, thanks to its high vitamin and mineral contents. But, not all honey sold in South Africa is the real deal. Have you considered that the honey you're buying from your local supermarket could possibly have been fraudulently adulterated with cheap sweeteners, syrups and, water? According to a leading agricultural economist, in the first quarter of the year, South African imports of 'pure honey' had risen to almost double the amount of last year, with a total of 88% of them coming from Chinese suppliers. On Wednesday, Pippa Hudson was joined by consumer journalist, Wendy Knowler and consumer activist, Dr Harris Steinman.