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Title : $250M of Fake, Substandard Foods Seized in Global Operation
Author(s) :
Source : Olive Oil Times
Year : 2018
Link : https://www.oliveoiltimes.com/olive-oil-health-news/e230m-fake-substandard-foods-seized-global-operation/56545
Country : World
Commodity: All Food
Abstract: In a joint operation between INTERPOL and Europol, €230 million of counterfeit and substandard food and beverages were seized. The operation, which was carried out across 61 countries, unveiled a wide range of food fraud across products ranging from olive oil to luxury goods and alcoholic drinks. Criminals will fake any type of food and drink with no thought to the human cost as long as they make a profit.- Françoise Dorcier, INTERPOLOperation OPSON VI targeted the criminals behind fraudulent food practices and uncovered new trends in food fraud. Counterfeit mineral water was among the fake products detected during the global operation. In a press release, Françoise Dorcier, Coordinator of INTERPOL’s