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Title : North Yorkshire lab teams up with AHDB to support English pork
Author(s) :
Source : Pig World
Year : 2018
Link : http://www.pig-world.co.uk/news/north-yorkshire-lab-teams-up-with-ahdb-to-support-english-pork.html
Country : United Kingdom
Commodity: AP-Meat and edible offal
Abstract: Agroisolab UK, a small business based just outside the small North Yorkshire village of Welburn, has been re-awarded a contract to supply AHDB with isotope origin testing to determine the origin of pork. With the UK’s animal welfare standards some of the highest in the world, and the rise of healthy eating trends, customers are more aware than ever about where the meat they buy comes from. As higher-quality products, such as British-labelled food, command a higher price, food fraud is inevitably a big concern. Britain’s pork levy board, tasked with supporting, and funded by, farmers and growers in the UK, is renewing its partnership with a North Yorkshire laboratory, Agroisolab, in the fight against fraud. Using Agroisolab’s expertise in the field of stable isotope technology, AHDB’s contract supports the protection of British standards of pork production and prevention of fraud.