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Title : Food Standards Scotland calls for industry-wide support to fight food crime
Author(s) :
Source : FoodNavigator.com
Year : 2018
Link : https://www.foodnavigator.com/Article/2018/06/25/Food-Standards-Scotland-calls-for-industry-wide-support-to-fight-food-crime
Country : United Kingdom
Commodity: All Food
Abstract: It is estimated that food crime costs the UK food and drink industry over £1bn each year - and yet there is very little public awareness about it. Reputational risk. Food crime has many consequences, from the obvious risk to public health, through to defrauding the public and honest food businesses. We need to be very clear that the vast majority of food businesses produce safe, high quality food, but should a food business produce food dishonestly, it could be harmful to the reputation of the sector. The gross value added to the economy in Scotland is approximately £3.8bn, according to the Food and Drink Federation Scotland.