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Title : Officers join forces with colleagues across the world to target fake and rotten food
Author(s) :
Source : Police Professional
Year : 2018
Link : http://www.policeprofessional.com/news.aspx?id=32083
Country : World
Commodity: All Food
Abstract: More than 3,600 tonnes of dangerous food has been taken off the market through an international crackdown on fraud. Tens of thousands of shops, markets and airports across the world were searched for counterfeit food and drink as part of the latest OPSON operation. Run over four months from December, the Europol-INTERPOL investigation led to the seizure of 3,620 tonnes of food and 9.7 million litres of beverages that was either fraudulent or dangerous to consume. This year’s operation, run between December 2017 and March, involved officials in Belgium closing a major meat processing plant that was selling rotten products for human consumption. Further action across 11 European countries led to over 51 tonnes of tainted tuna being seized, and French police more than 9.5 tonnes of smuggled perishable goods in overseas territories.