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Moneyweb.co.za 2018
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Blackpool Gazette 2018
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newsnation.in 2018
Watch How an Expert Spots Fraudulent Wine
Smithsonian 2015
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Eater 2017
Watch out: The milk you drink is tainted
The New Indian Express 2018
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Hungry Forever 2018
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Citizen 2018
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Search filters
How to filter your search results on news stories?

You can filter and customize your search results to find exactly what you want.
For news stories, you can use one filter or combine several filters.
Search filters allow you to find news stories that share one or more pieces of information, that means:

  • News stories records containing the mentioned keyword (whole word with at least 4 characters).
  • News stories concerning a fraud issue in one country (i.e. France) or in several countries inside one continent (i.e. Europe) or in different continents (i.e. World). By this way you are able to filter news stories at national, continental or worldwide level,
  • News stories dedicated to one specific commodity (i.e. Meat and edible offal) or a category of commodities (i.e. All animal products) or food in general (All food products),
  • News stories published from one year.

This tool allows you to find for example:

  • All the news stories on meat in Europe in 2013,
  • All the news stories on meat and fish in France and Italy.